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Saddle Fusion Machine MAX630 | RIYANG MANUFACTURE

It is the machine used to fabricate reduced fittings by jointing main pipe and branch pipe. Powered by PLC automatic system, the welding process fully controlled by computer, thus reducing the risk of error occurred by operator.

Saddle Fusion Machine MAX630 | RIYANG MANUFACTURE

Saddle Fusion Machine MAX630 | RIYANG MANUFACTURE

MAX630 is designed to fabricate HDPE reducing tee with various pipe specifications. 

This largely fills a vacancy in the coordination of different pipe diameters, which should be applied to special projects.


Product Details


SADDLE T TYPE -10 ~ 45


PE/PP/PVDF AC 380V, 50/60HZ

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– Suitable for fabricating HDPE reducing tee in a workshop. The integrated function of welding and taping enables to complete of the whole fabricating process.
– A Teflon coated heating plate.
– Separate two-channel timer records times in soaking and cooling phases.
– Digital high-accurate pressure meter indicates exact readings.
– Linear guide ways are equipped with a heating plate and dragging plate.