Butt Fusion Welding

Manual Butt Fusion Welding Machine (Metric system)

Manual Butt Fusion Welding Machines (Imperial System)

Hydraulic Butt Fusion Welding Machines


Wassertek Datalogger



CNC Butt Fusion Welding Machines

Heating Plate

External & Internal Bead Remover

Pulling Trolley

Fittings and Fabrication Machines

Manual Workshop Welding Machine

Workshop Fitting and Fabrication Machine

Saddle Fabrication Machine

Plastic Pipes Saw and Cutters

Pipe Cutting Saws

Arched Surface Cutters

Plastic Pipe Cutters

Wassertek Circular Pipe Cutter

Electrofusion Machines

Electrofusion Machines

Electro Fusion Machines for Sanitary Application

PPR Saddles and Socket Fusion Machines

Socket Welding Machine

Wassertek Champfering Tools

PPR Saddle Socket

Socket Fusion Machines (Imperial)

Socket Welding Machine

Metal Pipe Bonding Technology

Manual Rachet Threader Sets

Electrical Portable Threader

Electrical Threading Machine

Threading Dies and Die Heads

Threading Oil

Manual Grooving Machine

Hydraulic Grooving Machine

Pipe Cutters for Steel and Stainless Steel

Hydraulic Pipe Cutter

Electric Pipe Cutter

Hinged Pipe Cutter


Tripod Chain Vise Stands

Adjustable Stand with Steel Roller

Hole Saw Machine

Manual Pipe Bender

Electric Pipe Bender

Electric Threading Machine with Power Drive

Hydraulic Grooving Machine with Power Drive

Manual Grooving Machine with Power Drive

Hydro Testing Equipments

Manual Hydro Test Pump

Electrical Hydro Test Pumps

Drain Cleaning

Hand Held Power Drain Cleaner

Sectional Drain Cleaning Machine

Drain Cleaning Machine

Sectional Drain Cleaning Machine

Drum Type Drain Cleaning Machine