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Uniprep Scraper GOPHER 400 | RIYANG STORE

Pipe welding tools are usually requested when doing butt welding or electrofusion welding. It is a necessary tool to improve welding quality and efficiency. Riyang pipe welding tools include cutting, peeling, support, etc.

Uniprep Scraper GOPHER 400 | RIYANG STORE

Uniprep Scraper GOPHER 400 | RIYANG STORE

The uniprep scraper GOPHER 400 is easy to use, fits irregular-shaped pipes, and has excellent performance characteristics.

Manually operated mechanical rotary scraping tool for removal of the outer surface of PE pipe. 
Uniprep scrapers incorporate a hardened blade and give a controlled depth of cut. 
Available for pipe sizes between 110mm and 400mm.


– Scraper toolset for pipes OD 110mm – 400mm

– Maintains mechanical scraping across the whole joint area

– Faster scraping action

– Hardened blade

– Controlled depth of cut