Hand Extruder / Hand Extrusion Welding Gun WIN 610A

Hand Extrusion Welding Gun WIN 610A

Hand Extrusion Welding Gun WIN 610A

Hand Extrusion Welding Gun WIN 610A

This plastic extruder uses 1300w electric drill imported from Germany Metabo as the extrusion motor, with high power, low resistance and strong protection. And adopting dual heating system can independently control the heating temperature of the base material and the welding rod, which makes the welding efficiency higher and the welding seam quality better. At the same time, it is equipped with a welding rod heating digital temperature control display, a 360-degree rotating welding nozzle, convenient operation, stable performance, large extrusion capacity, continuous welding, suitable for PE, PP, plastics welding.

Provide neutral packaging and small batch of customized services.

Provide a variety of welding boots small batch customization services.

The LCD display of the control box is more intuitive and convenient.

CE certification testing by third party.

The intelligent control system adopts double protection, the cold start protection of the driving motor and the automatic compensation of the heating temperature to improve the reliability of the use of the extrusion welding torch, to avoid the fault caused by misoperation to the equipment as far as possible, and extend the service life of the machine.

Independently developed intelligent protection function, so that more assured!

Automatic Temperature Compensation Function
In the process of using the plastic extrusion welder, when the temperature of the extrusion screw area changes, the intelligent control system will automatically adjust according to the set temperature.

Cold Start Protection of drive motor
In addition to the built-in overload protection of the drive motor, our self-developed first start protection function will delay 180 seconds before allowing the start after the digital display temperature reaches the set temperature, which protects and extends the working life of the drive motor to the greatest extent.

Fault Alarm display
Through fault code, customers can quickly and conveniently know the fault parts and carry out effective inspection. Prospectus available fault code corresponding to the table

Model  WIN 610A
Rated Voltage  230V
Frequency  50/60HZ
Extruding Motor Power  1300W
Hot Air Power  1600W
Welding Rod Heating Power  800W
Air Temperature  20-620℃
Extruding Temperature  50-380℃
Extruding Volume  2.0-3.0kg/h
Welding Rod Diameter  Φ3.0-5.0mm
Driving Motor  METABO
Body weight  7.2kg
Certification  CE
Warranty  1 year