Hot Air Tools / WIN 2000 Heat Gun

WIN 2000 Heat Gun

WIN 2000 Heat Gun

High Quality Heat Guns – WIN 2000 Heat Gun

Welding of thermoplastic materials as well as single – ply flexible plastic and modified bitumen in the form of boards, tubes profiles, lining membranes, coated materials, films, foams, tiles and sheets. The following procedures are possible : Overlap welding ,welding with rod, with tape, butt welding and melt welding.

Heating – up for forming , bending and sealing of thermoplastic semi- finished materials and plastic granules.

Drying of water – damp surfaces.

Shrinking of heat shrink sleeves, films , tapes, solder sleeves, pre formd and moulded parts. 

Soldering of copper pipes, solder joints and metal foils.

Defrosting of frozen water pipes.

Activating / Dissolving of solvent free adhesives and fusion adhesives.

Type WIN 2000
Power(W) 2000W
Voltage(V) 230V
Rate(Hz) 50/60HZ
Heating temperature(℃) 20~650℃,continuously
Condition New
Warranty 1 Year
Dimension(mm) 195x85x160mm,handleφ57
Usage Plastic welding
Weight(kg) 1.3kg
Certificate CE FCC